Monday, May 02, 2011

Musical Monday: Monkey Eats Bananas

So - there has been much going on here lately - we were all struck down by illness last week, which meant the long-awaited royal wedding bash didn't happen and I watched it from underneath a blanket on the sofa, drinking diluted lemonade instead of champagne. Oh well. Did you have a party? Go on, make me envious. In the meantime, here's my new favourite princess... Pin It


  1. Oh no! I was so waiting to see the photos! I have a sore throat thing going on myself. Hope your'e all OK now xoxox

  2. Poor love. Didn't miss much. Some bloke got married. We had a sandwich. The usual....

  3. we just had a quiet one watching the wedding but you were there in spirit because we made your posh chocolate slab - it was wonderful and meant I used up most of my white choc mud cake crumbs - still a few in the freezer - hope you feel better soon

  4. You poor thing - I was feeling a bit of a slacker for not really making much of an effort but it was ok because I was partying vicariously through your wedding bash. Never mind - perhaps you can use the ideas for the the Phillipa/Harry nuptials?


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