Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweet sweet Friday: Sara Lee Cheesecake

Not content with wading into the murky waters of recipe ownership, I have now trumped myself by making a cheesecake that looks just like a bought one. Not a posh bought one, mind you, but the sort that comes from a supermarket freezer cabinet.

I didn't mean to pay homage to Sara Lee or Crofters, it just happened. And the fact that it happened when we had some very discerning guests for dinner made it all the more amusing. At least, they were laughing with me, not at me. Weren't they?

Sara Lee Cheesecake
The really funny thing is that on the Sara Lee website they have a recipe for 'making' a cheesecake, which involves taking one out of its box and spreading jam on top. This is slightly more complicated than that, but I think you'll find it's worth the trouble. If you are going to top it with jam, use the poshest, fruitiest sort you can find. I used 'Blackbird Valley Blueberry Jam' from Moutere Gold, which is too nice to have on toast. Quince jelly would be great too.

150g digestive biscuits or similar
100g butter
450g cream cheese (not 'light', please), at room temperature
100g caster sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond essence
200ml cream
Posh jam or lemon curd or fresh berries

Line a springform tin with clingfilm - I used a 24cm tin but a smaller one will be fine.
Melt the butter in a medium-sized pot and let almost brown. Pulverise the biscuits to crumbs in the food processor and add to the butter. Mix well and press into the prepared tin. Stick in the freezer while you prepare the filling.
Put the cream cheese, sugar and essences in the processor (don't worry about stray crumbs) and blitz until mixed. Whip the cream until it just reaches the soft peak stage. Fold in the cream cheese.
Pour the mixture onto the base and smooth the top. Spread with the posh jam, curd or sprinkle with fresh berries. Cover and stick in the fridge for at least two hours. Unveil to a rapturous, if amused, reception.

Have a sweet, sweet Friday everyone. I'm supposedly running a half-marathon tomorrow, argh! Pin It


  1. I adore a good, thick cheesecake and this looks exceptional!... hope you're enjoying the summer... it's snowing again here x

  2. Lovely cheesecake. I want to eat it from that picture!

  3. LOL @ the sara lee "how to make a cheesecake" recipe..... yours looks so yummy, I'm hoping to make it this weekend. Good luck with the marathon!!! :)

  4. Mmm looks good. Lucy have you ever made cheese straws? I wanted to make some less sweet somethings for my Malayan neighbours who don't like very sweet bikkies. I remembered cheese straws from way back.. but was disappointed how bland they were.

  5. Houston - we have a problem. We went blackberry foraging today, and I made some beautiful wild blackberry jam from our 1kg haul. Then I came across your recipe and couldn't stop thinking about cheescake. So I sent the boy out for the necessary ingredients, and followed your recipe, with one small alteration: I added a good splash of cointreau to the cream cheese mix. And now we're sitting in the lounge eating the mixture out of the bowl...

  6. I like the inclusion of almond essence! Hadn't thought of using it in a cheesecake before, would be a nice subtle addition. I adore 'recipes' that involve taking things out of packets; I have a collection of the worst ones. Might add this!

  7. ha ha good old crofters cheesecake, we always used to have one of those solid as a brick in the freezer! i've been meaning to write for ages coz i found a really good recipe for vegan frosting, i always use your chocolate cupcake recipe and i rememember you saying that you hadn't found one yet. i reckon its pretty good, will dig it out and send! X

  8. I am crazy about cheese cake! I am so happy I signed up to follow your blog; your recipes are fantastic!

  9. I've been a bit out of the blog loop lately and have just caught up with your 'recipe ownership' drama. I often think about this question and hesitate to publish recipes I can't quite remember where I've found but it seems a bit ridiculous to be pulled up when you're attributing the writer and plugging the product!


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