Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas message

Do you want to know what I was doing at 6am yesterday morning? I was ironing a tablecloth. Actually, I was ironing two tablecloths, after discovering the first one was sporting red wine stains. Then I ironed an apron and a shirt. Actually, I ironed two shirts, after having a 'what to wear' crisis. Then I cleaned the kitchen, swiped away a few cobwebs, took the Small Girl to nursery and made a mad dash through the supermarket.

The reason for all this housewifeliness was that I was getting ready for a video shoot at our place - a spur-of-the-moment 'let's make a Christmas food video for work' sort of thing. You can see the results here. Please pay special attention to the tablecloth.

As a disclaimer, I have to explain that the reason I look panicked in the intro is that the videographer had just got a call to a press conference across town and we had to film it in about two minutes. It was fun though. Sort of. At least now I can understand why the Queen always looks a bit frosty in her Christmas message. She's probably been up early ironing... Pin It


  1. bloody lush!... look at you and your stylish kitchen and sunshine and fabulous TV face!...

  2. I was so entranced, I forgot to look at the tablecloth!

  3. Lovely film - even lovelier tablecloth. I'm impressed. I'd like to cook outside on Christmas day but I fear it may be a little too chilly around here. I have played the 'name five great something or others in movie history' before now. Violins, trees and briefcases were pretty easy, for instance, but tablecloths is rather difficult. I can only think of 2 (maybe 3) and I'm not saying what they are in case I have to play this round for real at some point.

  4. love seeing you! everythign looks fabulous and delicious. i am hoping we have nice enough weather to at least cook outside - hopefully eat! who knows in hobart...
    happy christmas and see you in the new year!

  5. Stylish kitchen? Err, Dom, were you watching the right vid?
    But thank you all for making me feel like less of a dork x

  6. look at YOU !! that lamb looks like a winner x happy christmas lucy x

    ps - forgot to look at or notice the tablecloth you could of saved yourself 10 minutes effort love ....

  7. Oh Lucy - look at you! Lovely to see you. Now I know what to picture when I'm reading! I'm totally going to make that whole meal in the new year. Perfect for a summer Barbie with friends. I'm getting out of Christmas dinner as we'll be having it at my mother in laws place. I'll be making the bonbons/crackers. More my expertise!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Lucy!

  8. awesome video and you are looking amazing. thanks for the tips.
    happy hoildays to you

  9. finally got around to looking at the vid - lovely to see you and your kitchen - I am particularly impressed with your way of breaking up the chocolate - must try it because it looks fun :-)

  10. oh and I meant to say that I don't own an iron and I couldn't find our christmas table cloth this year so you seem to be doing well in my book

  11. wow, such a beautiful vid, nice one. I enjoyed this post and watching the vid :)

    My merry Christmas wishes to you and everyone in your family.


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