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Hi there, welcome to The Kitchenmaid.

I tell people I'm always in the kitchen at parties, but when I'm not doing that I'm usually clutching a notebook, on the phone or at a keyboard. Or I'm doing the dishes.

I have been a journalist for 16 years, working for newspapers, magazines and online for publications in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. My first food columns were written for the now-defunct Wellington newspaper, City Voice (I don't think my recipes had anything to do with the paper's demise, though a reader once commented that I was the only writer 'who made real dough').

I write a regular recipe column, 'Three Ways With...', published every Wednesday on stuff.co.nz and in the Dominion Post, The Press and the Waikato Times. I also write regularly for Cuisine and Frankie.

If you'd like to get in touch regarding commissions or just to chew the fat, you can drop me a line here or find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Bon appetit!


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  1. Hi Lucy. So pleased to have found your blog - thank you Stuff on a Tuesday morning ;) I will read on!

  2. Hi Lucy!

    What a fabulous blog you have going here!
    We've just started our own blog called Honey & Lulu based on food, fashion and lifestyle.....a bit of everything really!

    If you are interested in supporting us and following the blog that would be absolutely fantastic and we would love to follow your blog too :)

    The blog is: http://www.honeyandlulu.blogspot.com.au/

    Have a lovely day

    Chloe & Sarah

  3. hello lucy,

    i'm loving your blog :-) so much so that I now have you listed here http://www.diginhobart.blogspot.com.au/p/favourite-things.html ... Let me know if you don’t want to appear though.

    Hope you are well - e

  4. Hi,

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    Warm regards,


  5. Hi Lucy, love getting your recipes every week in the life mag. I have a question... I just made your Banana and Date Scones and something went horribly wrong! First off is 2 tablespoons of baking powder correct?? Secondly I added the 1 and a half of milk and ended up with a gooey mess so I kept adding more and more flour, so you could say it was a disaster. What am I doing wrong. Oh and didn't want to be anonymous just didn't know what the other drop downs where hahaha not computer savvy. Cheers Jane.

    1. Hi Jane, so sorry to hear that (and for this shamefully late reply). Do you want to drop me an email and maybe I can figure out what happened? Thanks, Lucy

  6. Hi Lucy,
    Love the sound of the Yogurt with Salted Caramel sauce in this weeks life edition. We too are big fans of all things Zany Zeus! They make the best ice cream.
    Anyway just a quick question on the above mentioned recipe - Although Miso paste is mentioned in the ingredients list, it doesn't mention when to add it in the method.
    I'm really keen to make this so would appreciate if you can post a reply telling me when to add the Miso paste to the mix.
    Many thanks Peter..

    1. Hi Peter, so sorry, I thought I'd replied to this weeks ago but the comment obviously didn't stick. Anyway... that bit fell off the recipe in the editing process, but it has since been updated and you can find it here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/food-wine/recipes/84110912/three-ways-with-greek-yoghurt
      Best of luck and happy cooking,

      p.s Zany Zeus is THE BEST!

  7. Hi Lucy, I made your 'slow-braised beef with orange and leeks', it was in the Life supplement on 14 Sept I think it was. I had a problem with it. The list of ingredients had 1/4 cup of soy sauce, but the instructions didn't say when to put it in. I was doing the leeks, garlic, ginger, chilli and I put the soy in after I cooked them a bit. Then I finished the recipe off as per instructions. It didn't end up tasting particularly good, so what should I have done. Thanks Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny, you added the soy sauce at the right time. Sorry you didn't like the result - it has been a big success for everyone I've cooked it for. Thanks for getting in touch, Lucy

  8. Hi Lucy
    Just seen your recipe for plum cheesecake in the paper. What is the spice that should be in the base and how much do you use?
    Thanks Alison

    1. Hi Alison, sorry, that's a typo - there is no spice in the base! I'll get that amended in the online version. (You could always put 1/2 tsp ground ginger in the base if you wanted though, it would work well.) Best of luck, Lucy

  9. Hi Lucy

    I want to make the chocolate and ginger fruitcake featured in dominion life magazine 30/11/16. The query I have is that the recipe states that it makes one large cake yet the advised cake tin size is 18cm square cake tin, which is quite small. Is that the correct size tin as I don't want to bake it and have cake mixture oozing over the tin.

    thanks, Jan

    1. Hi Jan, apologies for the late reply - yes, that is the correct tin size. It makes a small, but high/deep cake. Good luck!


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