Monday, September 13, 2010

Musical Monday: Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

A busy weekend - Ottolenghi's apple and olive oil cake, a sort-of braised venison with red wine and mushrooms, lots of Volare bread, a family reunion of sorts, a long drive and a new tooth for the Small Girl. This is what I listened to to keep sane(ish). A storm of busy-ness is coming our way and it's nice to have some distraction...

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  1. Apple and olive cake sounds grand. I have apples and I do like Ottolenghi so will check out the recipe - thanks for the idea.

  2. Oh yes Apple and olive cake sounds like food for the gods.

  3. Thank you! It was pretty good, especially the icing (butter, cream cheese, brown sugar AND maple syrup)... but I forgot to photograph it!

  4. The apple and olive oil cake sounds woderful!


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