Wednesday, December 08, 2010

South Pacific Christmas Mince Pies

This post is for all you tardy types who haven't made your Christmas mince yet. Welcome, friends! In fact, I am so slack that in the six years that this recipe has been in my possession I think I've only made it three times. The good news is though that it makes such a lot that you can store some for the following year and feel all smug and worthy. Even better news is that it's suet-free, which will soothe those who feel a little queasy about such things.

South Pacific Christmas Mince
The caramelised banana gives this a slightly tropical island touch. I guess you could equally call it Caribbean, but since I've never been there I'm sticking to what I know. Anyway, this is a recipe from New Zealand foodwriter Lois Daish, who used to be a household name but seems to have stepped down from the spotlight. Her original was a bit fussy - I have made it super-streamlined and much simpler.

225g seedless raisins
200g currants
150g mixed peel
30g almonds, roughly chopped
grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
grated zest and juice of 1 orange
1/2 cup brandy (or a mixture of brandy and sherry, or rum, or gin, or whatever your drinks cabinet holds)
1tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp ground allspice
1tsp ground ginger
75g butter
150g brown sugar
2 ripe bananas, mashed

Melt the butter in a large, heavy pot over medium heat and add the sugar. Stir well, then add the mashed banana. Cook for several minutes, until the mixture is thick and smooth. Remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes. Add all remaining ingredients to the banana mixture and stir well until combined. Cover and leave at room temperature overnight, then stir well and put into a suitable jar or jars. Store in the fridge.

Almond Pastry
Once you feel up to making the actual pies, try this foolproof almond pastry. Honestly, pastry is not my forte but this is really easy. I make this in a freestanding mixer (my beloved KitchenAid), but it would be just as easy and quick in a food processor. It's still doable by hand, but if you've got the tools, use 'em!

250g plain flour
50g ground almonds
100g icing sugar
190g fridge-cold butter, diced
1 egg yolk
1Tbsp ice-cold water

Put the flour, almonds, sugar and butter into the mixer or processor. Beat or whiz until you get a breadcrumb-y texture. Combine the egg yolk and water in a cup, then add to the bowl and beat or pulse until the mixture clumps. Press the mixture together into a flat disc with your hands and leave in a cool place for at least 20 minutes.
When you're ready to roll, so to speak, get two large pieces of greaseproof paper or cling film and place the pastry disc between them. This makes everything much, much easier and you don't have to scrape pastry bits off the worktop or your rolling pin.
Bake the filled tarts in a hot oven - around 210C - for about 12 minutes. Cool on a rack, then store in an airtight tin. Makes enough pastry for two dozen little mince tarts. Pin It


  1. The Almond pastry is quite a lovely idea and I take your word for it that its easy as you say. I am hoping to make some Christmas mince pies, but don't know if I will get round to it. Love both the perfect and imperfect star toppings too, its reassuring - home made with love. Just my kind of cooking and baking x

  2. I do love a good mince pie. I have great plans every year to make my own (so much nicer than even the expensive bought ones) and I have a lovely recipe but sometimes I just run out of time! I've never heard of adding banana to the mix before but can imagine it adds a nice unctiousness.

  3. I love non traditional mince meat filling ;0)
    These look great and the addition of the banana is a new one on me. Will need to keep this recipe safe!

  4. Truly Mangocheeks, if I can make this pastry, then anyone can. Actually, I am beginning to learn that pastry isn't as terrifying as I once thought. You just have to feel the fear and do it anyway!
    And Caz, I didn't think I'd have time this year either, but these are pretty fast to make!

  5. wowowowow! I love these... i was going to go trad this weekend but you may just be my evil twin and persuade me to go totally tropical!

  6. Love the sound of the almond pastry, never thought of trying that in mince pies but it makes perfect sense.

  7. I love the sound of this almond pastry and I will certainly give it a go sometime. It would be interesting to try some different flavours of ground nuts too - Pistachio could be good. Fun colour too!

    I am collecting interesting pastry ideas so have added it to my blog, from which you should get a pingback, but here is the link:

    I hope that you are happy for me to have done this and to have credited your site.

    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  8. Love this. I have a similar recipe that I got from Womens Day mag many years ago when I lived in NZ. I think mine is even easier ;)
    I'm now living in the US and these are unusual here so always a real treat when I make them at Christmas time!


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