Friday, May 06, 2011

Sweet sweet Friday: Feijoa Icecream

Never mind the scent of green papaya, is there anything more intoxicating than the fragant green feijoa?
You can keep the All Blacks, Crowded House and no. 8 wire - feijoas were what I missed the most when we lived abroad. The feijoa, which is closely related to the guava, is native to Brazil but grows like a weed here, with trees laden with the egg-shaped green bullets from April to May. People with feijoa trees normally can't give them away fast enough, but the feijoa is remarkably versatile and lends itself well to chutneys and cakes, as well as being scooped out and eaten with a spoon. Then there's feijoa vodka (sigh) and this fruity icecream...

Easy Feijoa Ice Cream Recipe Photo Credit Lucy Corry/The Kitchenmaid

Lucy's Famous Feijoa Icecream
Well, it's not really that famous, but last year I gave this recipe to a colleague who was desperately putting a newspaper feature together about feijoas, instructing them that they must call it 'Lucy Corry's Famous Feijoa Ice cream'. They did, in 16pt black type. Oh well. If you can't get feijoas, the equivalent amount of well-mashed banana works well. Add a good squeeze of lemon juice to it before folding into the cream and meringue.

4 eggs, separated
1 cup caster sugar
300ml cream, whipped to soft peaks
2 cups well-mashed ripe feijoa pulp

Whisk egg whites till stiff, then gradually whisk in sugar until you have a thick, glossy meringue. Beat in the egg yolks, then fold in whipped cream and feijoa pulp until combined. Pour into a container and leave in freezer for at least six hours or until set. Makes about two litres. Let 'ripen' out of the freezer for five minutes before serving.


  1. There's a feijoa fairy in our neighbourhood who leaves huge baskets (she's a strong fairy) of them by the back door. They make really gorgeous jelly, skins and all plus a few apples. I've been adding half a dozen or so chillis to the brew as well - excellent with roast pork.

  2. never tried it before but looks fabulous!

  3. they throw them away over here !!!!!! the horror !!!!!!!

  4. Oh I have heard all about Lucy's Feijoa Ice-cream. I have heard it is fabulous! Our feijoas have nearly finished. They are smaller than the ones in the shop but very much sweeter. I'm always sad to see the end of them, but I do love seasonal things. I'm looking forward to next years feijoas already and I'll be trying Lucy's ice-cream. xoxoxo

  5. Looks wonderful. Thanks for the technique of whipping the whites then adding the yolks and cream. I normally use custard bases for my ice cream but this sounds much better, and I would assume, would not require an ice cream maker.

  6. I remember feijoas growing in Golden Bay, but I don't remember being particularly overwhelmed by them - it was a long time ago though. Your ice-cream sounds lovely though - feijoas or no feijoas.

  7. Lucy's Famous Feijoa Ice Cream is DEVINE!!!! I have sampled, had seconds - think I stopped at thirds though - and was very tempted to lick the bowl had we not been dinner guests xxx

  8. I have made feijoa ice cream and it tastes fabulous! I love it scooped with ginger snaps.

  9. Well it sounds delicious enough to deserve its name. I agree entirely about feijoas being what is missed overseas - it's such a particularly gorgeous scent, nothing else quite compares.

  10. Yep feijoas are definitely missed over here in Perth! Lucky you :-)

  11. I made some popsicles last year I used the whole fruit a can of condensed milk and a cup of water in my nutribullet. They turned out great,friends that never tried the fruit wanted to know about it.
    For this ice cream do you use the whole fruit? I'm making some this year for sure. Thank you for sharing your recipe.😊

  12. I tried some feijoa icecream in Matakana when I last visited Warkworth in NZ.
    Wow, it was if I was eating feijoa.
    The skins were left on when the fruit was processed and that made the icecream perfect 😋


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