Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The fast, easy way to get a sticky label off a jar

Have you ever struggled to get the label off a jar? Me too. In fact, I think there is some inverse relationship between the attractiveness of a jar and the stickiness of its label. That's to say, the more likely you are to want to keep a jar for repurposing, the harder the label will be to remove.

Not any more. In this absolutely no-budget video below, I show you how to remove a sticky label, with no tears and no fuss. It will change your life!

Can't be bothered to watch the video? Then all you need to know is that the trick is filling the jar with extremely hot water (not boiling, you don't want to break it), then peeling off the label. So easy. No soaking required, no sticky bits of label ruining the aesthetics of your kitchen cupboards (or your recycling bin).

Now, what housewifely tip can you share with me?


  1. wow... what an amazing................ oh sorry, did I fall asleep...

    1. Come on, it's 25 seconds of cinema verite!

  2. Thank you for saving me from having to watch the vid - I do lots of soaking but haven't tried filling the jar with hot water - will try that one. Though often I just can't be bothered - a jar has to be very very attractive!

  3. A great tip, thanks!
    Labels are a frustration....I will try this next time.

  4. Well I loved the video! That's an incredibly useful tip, too, by the way.

  5. Like this and will have to try it. Wish I knew 5 days ago, I threw out a jar that was quite groovy, only because I couldn't get the darn label off. And what wifey tip shall I share with you....let me think........

  6. I've had great success in getting off labels using a hairdryer, just blow the hot or warm air over the label for a bit, then lift one edge and keep peeling, the label should lift off easily.


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