Thursday, October 21, 2010

In my pantry...

Clever Debby, who blogs at Cooking Up A Storm In A Teacup, has started a brilliant meme looking at pantries (and their contents). Her post about it is really beautiful and the photos of her pantry are enough to induce fits of jealousy in the most well-mannered of KitchenMaids. As Debby says, "Don't you just love nosing inside other people's cupboards?".

I've been thinking a lot about what's in our cupboards lately, because we've had to start from scratch due to moving house. I keep opening the pantry and realising that, damn, we don't have any cinnamon/orzo/cornflour. Then, this morning I left the pantry door open and my little kitchen helper discovered a bag of icing sugar... she sat there happily (and so quietly) for ages, like a little cocaine addict getting her fix (and was quite cross when I vacuumed it all away!)

So when I've restocked properly, I'll invite you back to come and have a look. In the meantime, take a look at what Caz has in her pantry. Have you ever seen such an impressive line-up of breakfast cereals? Go on, why don't you show us what's in yours? Pin It


  1. Your photo is so much better than any of mine's wonderful......

  2. Hi Lucy. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your gorgeous blog. The cereal collection is a bit much isn't it but we really do go through it all!

    I also wanted to say how lovely your last post on your great aunt was - a fitting tribute I'm sure.

  3. Oh hello Little Girl. What a lovely time you are having. Who needs toys from a shop. The pantry is just right. My pot plants and potpouri are lonely without you... and the bubbles sit looking sadly useless.
    Friday mornings will never be the same!

  4. Oh dear, Lucy, clearly it's time for me to tidy my pantry. Other people's always look so orderly compared with my muddle. However, my friends know that in the wake of a disaster they can gather at our home and be fed for quite some time with the contents of my store cupboard.

  5. That photo is a classic and sadly oh so familiar...... i always get nervous when the house is quiet.....


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