Monday, October 25, 2010

Musical Monday: It's a heartache

A heartbreaking song of staggering genius (sorry, Dave Eggers) from my new (old) hometown. I used to live just up the road from Deluxe Cafe (featured in the video) and can definitely vouch for their pies... Pin It


  1. Loved this. That ukulele orchestra is something. Hope you had a great Labour Day weekend..sunny like ours. Have to tell you..I got a letter from old man in the star-times! LOL

  2. Hi posting...I'm sure you'll soon discover a replacement cafe.

    I made your great aunt's pikelets for brunch yesterday and they were amazing. I'll be making them all the time now....somehow they tasted even more delicious because of the story. I've tried to link over to you but can't do it...sorry
    must get it sorted.....


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