Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stations of the croissant

We have started a new thing in our house where we draw up a monthly 'to-do' list. It's all well and good at the beginning of the month, when you see 30-odd days stretching out before you, but by this stage there are things that will have to be shifted over to April (sigh).

So while I doubt the window seals will be replaced by the end of the week and there's a good chance I'll forget to take the car to the garage tomorrow, I have managed to tick 'Fresh From The Oven croissants' off the list. A week ago I would have thought any job was easier than tackling the flakiest of French pastries, but thanks to the amazing Karen Burns Booth and her detailed instructions, it was a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze. But definitely a lot easier than I anticipated.

The only thing I would add is that if you're using standard active dried yeast, dissolve it in the warm milk and water first, or it will take forever to rise (enriched doughs like this one are always slow, but undissolved yeast makes the process move at glacial speed). Also, don't try to finish off the rolling process late at night after a glass of wine while your sister-in-law and spouse watch and make (un)helpful suggestions. You will get cross and the croissants will suffer.

The next time I make them I'll be using the tips I found in this fantastic video, which makes the shaping process really easy to understand.  But that's a project for April.

Have you made croissants before? Any tips? Pin It


  1. I am SO pleased that you tackled these pastries and my word, they really turned out well too.....and FABULOUS video, thanks for that link, very useful.

  2. Lovely! Have neve made croissant and am sorely tempted after seeing yours and Karen's but I have officially run out of time!!

  3. I have a mild headache at the mere thought of making croissants from scratch. Am also slightly envious(ok then, as jealous as I could possibly be) that you'd find the time to make them ;)

  4. I've never made them... you know how lazy I am, my fave bread doesn't even need kneading!!
    I think I'll put croissants on the "to do when kids have left home" list.
    I'll continue to live vicariously through your brilliant endeavours though :)
    (And, yep, I reckon Hot Cross Bun Bread would be a huge winner!)

  5. Sadly I have too run out of time this month but I've thoroughly enjoyed salivating over everyone's else's excellent efforts!

  6. Quite keen to give this a go!
    Thanks for the added advice :)

    Have a wonderful day x

  7. I haven't made the croissants, but made the dough. I baked a savory bread with it. Great post with a very helpful tips. Thanks!

  8. I'm so impressed that you write a monthly to-do list. My wife tells me that I write too many lists so I've created a 'must remember' list and the first item on it is 'don't write any more lists'. It's also years since I made croissants so I'm doubly impressed. Croissants aren't easy, although the video would have helped when I was making them. I needed therapy after my last croissant attempts. Well, when I say therapy, I really mean alcohol.

  9. now you are just showing off .... x

  10. Great looking croissants! Thanks for the tip about enriched doughs too. That's a good one to keep in mind.

  11. You just reminded me that I meant to add that point about the yeast. I can only get instant yeast (not easy blend) so always have to dissolve it.

  12. What a clever idea to make a calender! And a great tip for the yeast :)


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