Monday, June 11, 2012

For Dad

For Dad, because I can't hear this without thinking of him. And sometimes, I can't think of him without hearing this. It's been a long year.
20-04-1928 - 11-06-11

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  1. Here's to your dad Lucy...thinking of you...X

  2. Wonderful music Lucy. So sorry to hear that you have lost someone who obviously meant so much to you. Take care hon, Becks xxx

  3. The first year is the worst, all those anniversaries to remind you that the person you loved so much is no longer here.
    I still miss my mum every day even though it's almost ten years since she died. The good thing is, I now think of her with great fondness and laughter, not sadness.
    Time heals.

  4. Ah, lovely piece of music. Thoughts with you x


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