Monday, October 01, 2012

Chocolate martini

I'm not in the habit of cocktails on a Monday morning, so let me assure you I made this last night. I'm not in the habit of drinking cocktails on a Sunday night either, but it seemed a fitting thing to do after a very good weekend. The sun shone, I got an unexpected windfall from the tax man, I got an unexpected VIP ticket to WOW and - most exciting of all - the dishwasher man finally turned up.
From where I am sitting (even with a slight pounding in my head), the glass is most definitely half full.

Chocolate Martini
Cocktails were the theme for September's We Should Cocoa and I have been watching cocktail-themed recipes pop up all over the blog world, unable to come up with anything clever myself. So, rather late in the piece, I have gone back to basics with a chocolate martini. I've based the recipe on something an old friend used to make when I was a beginner journalist (with a far greater tolerance for alcohol), but substituted vanilla syrup for creme de cacao.

90ml (2 shots) good quality vodka, ice cold
45 ml (1 shot) good quality vodka syrup (I like this one or this one)
1 chocolate - or square of dark chocolate

Shake the vodka and vanilla syrup together over ice (a jam jar will do, if your cocktail shaking days are behind you). Put the chocolate into a chilled martini glass and pour the vodka and vanilla mix on top. Drink slowly, remembering the words of Dorothy Parker:
"I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host."
Have a great Monday, everyone. Cheers!
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  1. Oh well done Lucy, you managed it. And I think your cocktail is truly inspired - drink it up and you get left with a luscious vodka soaked square of chocolate. Thank you for giving it a go and joining the WSC birthday party. Do hope that head doesn't pound for long ;-)

  2. Ah yes, it's like the bottles of creme egg vodka we made in our student days. Or Skittles vodka - that one was very good. Kola Kube too. Oooh I am feeling inspired to start doing silly things with vodka again. It has actually been a long time since I drank any spirits - not sure I would cope anymore.

  3. I would love to try that booze marinated square of chocolate. I thnik it would make a very good after dinner treat.You could have the cocktail then save the chocolate for later!

  4. Booze and chocolate - now you're talking my language. If only I could find my cocktail shaker - a gentleman of a certain age just can't be seen using a jam jar.

  5. You could save the chocolate for coffee break - make Mondays go better.

  6. what a great cocktail! what a perfect way to celebrate a great weekend :) - and a fixed dishwasher!
    Mary x

  7. That is certainly 3 good reasons to make cocktails and I love a fancy martini. I have to confess we are having a girls champagne night tomorrow, Tuesday evening, after Pilates of all things. With that adrenalin pumping it could turn into a messy evening.

  8. I have GOT to try this one, sounds amazing!

  9. hahaha-that quote is really funny;P. I can't even handle one. But really love the chocolate martini idea. Cheers to you, Lucy:)

  10. Yum ... nothing like a good shot of chocolate booze! And that Dorothy Parker was such a wit, huh? Love it!

  11. Did you say chocolate martini??? Where on earth has this revelation been all my life!

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