Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Window dressing

Cat at Raspberry Rainbow wants to know what's on your windowsill. Here's what's on mine...

The blue ceramic dish used to hold a trio of tiny ballet dancers, white china with pale pink tutus. I'm not sure what happened to them, but now it's become a repository for kitchen odds and ends. The pound coins and Euro probably came out of my pocket the day we moved in. After five years of living abroad I found it really hard to let go and embrace the thought that we were in New Zealand to stay. I think I keep the coins there as a reminder that there is more to the world than just the view out my kitchen window. Not that it's a bad view, even though you can't see it from this angle. If I crane my neck past the grey building in front of us I can see down to a small crater lake fringed with reeds, and across to Mt Pirongia. Another reminder, perhaps, to enjoy what's right in front of you!

Further down is a bunch of borage I plucked from the roadside on my way back from a run. The stems are prickly but the blueness of the flowers is so intense that it was worth it. Next, an empty French chesnut puree tin, which I am going to turn into a tealight candleholder. Then a tiny blue ceramic bowl, provenance unknown, but it's the same blue as the borage flowers so it was obviously meant to sit there.

The last two items are also related - one is a bunch of native flowers left on the doorstep by kind Jeanine, who dispenses wisdom, honey and flowers in equal measures - and the other is a Cath Kidston card from Jeanine's daughter Ann, who is back in our old neighbourhood in London. To complete the circle I should send her the pound coins from the blue dish!

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  1. That was so interesting. I like the little french tin. So there..we do not have 'stuff' for no reason do we. It all has a story. That was a lovely post KitchenMaid. I'm off to look at my windowsill.

  2. This is so interesting, as I have just said on Joan's blog, I have someone in the house who 'tidies' things off!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I love Denis Glover and his magpie poem.

  3. I love your window sill! All your beautiful things, with such meaning to you.
    I love your kitchen odds and ends - we are missing a tiny little heart cookie cutter exactly like yours - it is like our kitchen has eaten it up - and yours have provided one :)
    Thanks for joining in, so nice to meet you :)

  4. Hello ladies, thank you so much for stopping by. I have always been a windowsill collector (though, Marilyn, it would be nice to have a tidier-upper sometimes!), so thank you Cat for this brilliant idea. I am thinking that desks might be next (though not today, mine is chaos!)

  5. Your window sills are more interesting than mine! Good idea hey :-) we joined in too. Just joined your blog too - off to have a quick look before work :-)

  6. Hmm, my sills need some sprucing up. An occasional cat and a lot of my 2 yr-old's cars.

  7. I wish I could post a picture of our kitchen window sill here. I suppose I need to create my own blog to do that.


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