Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Holiday slideshow

Want to see what we did last week? Imagine looking at these images in a darkened room, accompanied by an interminable commentary, and it will be just like a proper old-fashioned slideshow...

The Small Girl makes a run for it

Peacherines, bought in a cardboard box from a taciturn orchardist

My latest favourite find (the wine, not Big Teddy)

Holiday cooking rule #1: when in doubt, barbecue everything

Holiday cooking rule #2: When in even greater doubt, get fish and chips
Life's great mysteries answered by the Waimarama fish 'n chip shop
 That was our holiday, more or less. What have you been up to while I was away from the kitchen? Pin It


  1. Chips in fat? Look at that wee girl! Socute in her pink togs. When is her birthday?

  2. that blackboard is hilarious!!!... I often wonder why people do their jobs if they seem to hate it so much... bet those chips were amazing cooked in fat!... we've been mainly working, eating and sleeping this last week, so you've not missed much!

  3. Aw, hope you had a good time - Small Girl doesn't seem in the least daunted by that vast ocean. Battered mars bars - he he. Teh fish and chip shop where we used to live did those, but I refrained from trying one. I had a couple of days jaunt away, which was good - hope to get a post sorted out for it at some point.

  4. Oh peacherines look devine - as does that wine, and the BBQ and the chips. Perhaps because all are photographed in rays of sunshine and warmth?!!! Rather nippy here - icebreakers are getting a lot of use. I'm sure back home you're just content with the ice xx

  5. Sounds like everything a good holiday should be! Lovely to have you back.

  6. Looks like you had great fun. Chips cooked in fat... I like that. The chips look so good and not greasy at all.
    I've been up to nothing much. Just the usual, work, eat, etc. I cannot wait for some holidays.
    Great to have you back. :)

  7. Love that chalkboard sign. Geez, they must HATE having to answer all those annoying questions about their work. ;)

  8. love a hawkes bay vino, thats where we want to live when we come home, live in a village, have our own chooks and drink the great local vino :)

  9. Welcome back Lucy. I looked like fun....


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