Monday, August 23, 2010

Little boys do not like being chewed

A dull Monday, brightened by a burst of sunshine, a pot of peppermint tea and Natalie Merchant working her musical magic on a collection of 19th century poems. Make sure you watch to the end, when she gives the stuffed shirts in the audience a lesson in how to clap in time.

Natalie Merchant sings old poems to life Video on Pin It


  1. Have Natalie Merchant's double CD and "Little boys do not like being chewed' is one of my favourites.

  2. Isn't Natalie Merchant wonderful. I love this..went to the Mighty Ape and ordered it. We are both having a musical day. Did you catch Greta Bradman..grand daughter of Don the cricketer, on Kathryn Ryan this morning?

  3. Hello ladies, thanks for stopping by. I also recommend Natalie's version of Come Take A Trip In My Airship! (Joan, please note exclamation mark(s)!)


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