Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet sweet Friday: Mandarin Ice cream

There are swag of cookbooks popular at the moment that boast that each recipe uses just four ingredients. Now, I've had a look at some of them and the claims are true - if you like to eat things made from pasta sauce out of a jar, sausages, frozen hash browns and ready-grated cheese. I may be a terrible snob, but there's no joy in cooking - or eating - that kind of food, no matter how strapped for time or money you are. Instead, you could spend five minutes making this incredible ice cream, which uses just three ingredients.

Mandarin Ice cream
If I was to list my greatest achievements of 2011, this would be one of them. Make it and you'll see what I mean. This is (albeit slightly retrospectively) my entry for this month's Sweet New Zealand blogging event. It's a slight adaptation of a Nigella Lawson recipe (she makes it with lemon juice in How To Eat, and then with pomegranates in Nigella Express).
175g icing sugar
finely grated zest and juice of 2-3 mandarins/clementines/oranges (you need about 1/2 a cup of juice)
500ml cream

Put the zest and juice into a small bowl and let steep for five minutes. Strain into a large bowl and sift in the icing sugar. Stir well, then add the cream. Beat until soft peaks form, then pour into a plastic container (or a loaf tin lined with clingfilm). Cover and freeze for four hours, or until firm. Resist temptation to eat the lot in one go, spoonful by greedy spoonful. It's also very good with last week's chocolate chilli sauce, should you need another reason to make some.

Have a sweet sweet weekend, everyone. Go the All Blacks!

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  1. never tried mandarin ice cream but bet its delicious!!

  2. I love orange ice cream so I'm sure this is yummy!

  3. My Frankie arrived yesterday and your recipe for gin and walnut ice cream looks amazing...xx

  4. sure looks good girlfriend and I'm honoured that you think of me when you look at that lump of frozen meat !! :)

  5. That photo has got to be pure food porn!!!

  6. I love citrus flavoured ice-creams. I can imagine this is gorgeaous. I love the tiny little bits of mandarin I can see in it.

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  8. Love how easy this sounds, and love the just three ingredients. Actually I have some Seville oranges at the moment that I bought for marmalade making, amongst other things. Might give this a try.

    I love you to share this with this months Sweet New Zealand. Entries close tomorrow, but you can find full details here

  9. Just stopped by again to say thanks for sharing this with Sweet New Zealand :-)

  10. I love homemade ice cream and to my mind every home should have an ice cream maker - £40 and puddings forever! This sounds delicious, don't think mandarins come into season here for a bit, but could make a lovely light pudding over the festive season - yum!

  11. Lovely recipe for Sweet NZ, thank you!!!!



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