Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fishing for compliments

Ok, so I'm not actually ready to submit to the rice and water diet I mentioned yesterday. But this is surely the next best thing - fish, rice, greens and just a bit of butter to boost calcium levels. Even better, you can make this for one person or a crowd (in case you happen upon a lot of people who look like they need a week of what Nigella calls 'temple food').

Fish with coriander and lime butter
This is a super-simplified version of something I saw in Bill Granger's Everyday Asian, which is a really beautiful book full of practical 'I can make this for dinner after work' sorts of ideas. Bill's way is easy enough, but this is even simpler.

Per person:
1 good piece of fish - I like baking monkfish this way, but choose your favourite
2Tbsp butter, softened
zest and juice of half a good, juicy lime
a handful of fresh coriander
salt and pepper

Bok choy

Get the rice underway first, then preheat the oven to 200C.
Mix the lime juice, zest and butter together. Take a large piece of baking paper and lay the coriander on it. Put the fish on next, then top with the butter and season. Fold the baking paper into a parcel around the fish, so it's secure but not too tight.
Bake for 10-15 minutes (depending on the thickness of the fish - thinner fish will obviously cook faster).
Steam the bok choy until just tender.
To serve, spoon the rice and bok choy into a bowl. Place the fish on top and pour the buttery juices over everything. Sprinkle with a little more chopped coriander if you like. Pin It


  1. Looks delicious-I love the sound of the herb butter :)

  2. that looks like the perfect dinner. my kids love fish and i have a tree full of limes in the back yard and amazingly my coriander has not yet gone to seed. it's also gourmet enough for my fusspot husband to like it too - thanks for another yummy recipe!

  3. This is making my mouth water. I love fish and simple flavors. This is certainly a 'treat in a parcel'. I can't wait to cook it and the best bit - eat it. Thank you for sharing. From elizabeth @

  4. Lovely! I love simple fish dishes best. Love the lime and coriander butter :)

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