Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nil by mouth

It has been a week of intense food and wine activity here - and I have nothing to show for it.

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Two extravagant restaurant dinners, three sets of rather-better-than usual dinners at home, a lot of breadmaking (perfecting a poolish recipe I found on t'interweb), a bit of baking, a fair amount of "I think I will have another glass of wine" and a champagne truffle in bed on Mother's Day.

For once in my life I am beginning to see the appeal of the lemon detox diet. I want water, crunchy apples and brown rice. I'll just finish off that lime curd and whipped cream on my porridge this morning first...

What's your favourite way to recover from a week of feasting? Pin It


  1. It's a while since I had a week of feasting but a long look at the bank balance usually got me back to the real world. I'm off to get some lime curd porridge - I think that could definitely start a trend.

  2. I find panadol combined with Eno's fruit salts does the trick.

  3. I know the feeling - having feasted on a slow roasted pork shoulder on Saturday, we are in dire need of some cleansing greens with a squirt of lemon. But first we have to finish eating the pork!

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  5. Short of sewing the mouth closed, I think a week's worth of fresh salads and cold iced tea with lemon should do the trick ...

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