Monday, October 11, 2010

Musical Monday: Zorbing

Last weekend my sister introduced me to this song, while we lay on her sofa and talked about books and gardens and the latest comings and goings on Coronation Street. Then she had to show me the video so we could discuss the merits of these sweet boys who sing it. See what you think... Pin It


  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend occupation to me. I love the music. Just perfect thankyou!

  2. ooh sounds like a local band......

    I've actually got around to writing the posting for my meme and so I'm tagging you!

    You can answer as many or few of the questions as you like using images or text or both and there's no time limit so when and if you feel like joining in....Hope you do...

    Have fun.....Deb

  3. First I just wanted to say Thank you so much.

    Secondly, buy this album if you haven't. I am a huge fan. I heard only one song of theirs and was converted, though acquiring the album took a while, as it has not been released in the U.K. You will not be disappointed.


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